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IGN: PoofessorP
By PoofessorP » about 1 month ago
So right now I feel like Dragon Rush is just one giant big game of RNG and luck, I'll explain. So basically the way the system works in dragon rush, you literally only need a bow and about 256 arrows, to kill the ender dragon and that's it. No armor, no sword or any other tools needed which can easily be obtained from skeletons and gravel. So besides those items obviously you need 4 ender eyes and 2 blaze rods and a portal randomly spawned anywhere on the map, I've won so many games of dragon rush naked before pvp without seeing any players in the end with me when rng spares me and luck is on my side. And I've also been on the receiving end of this, I can't imagine those players that didn't even get to play the game had any fun and was just loads of frustration and a waste of time, I certainly feel this way. My suggestion for this fix is to implement the way dragon rush is actually played, have only 1 portal in the world, and that's at 0,0. Having just 1 portal located at 00 would eliminate a lot of rng because you can actually fight for the dragon kill and everyone gets to be in the end and participate in the meaning of the game mode. And I feel this could make for some interesting strategies and tactics which I could explain, but I've wrote out a bit here xd


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IGN: 467danny
By 467danny » about 1 month ago
I like this idea and honestly thought of posting this before but didn't bother. Also with this make it so everytime a player puts an ender eye in, it displays how many left and the player

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