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IGN: gizmo90704
By gizmo90704 » about 1 month ago
My idea is a UHC, but chests will spawn randomly.

the loot inside of the chests could go up in tiers.

Tier 1 could be Chainmail/Iron level,

Tier 2 could be Diamond Level,

Tier 3 could be Custom loot which can be better than Diamond.

There could also be a way players can customize the game, this could be done by having a vote on how Common chests spawn, and which tiers are the most common.

Hope you like my idea!


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IGN: LunarWraith
By LunarWraith » about 1 month ago
wouldn't this be similar to survival games uhc?

Private, the villager has a prot 4 book trade...



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IGN: PrivateLimitless
By PrivateLimitless » 4 days ago
I think gizmo90704 is referencing a "Battle Royal"-like game from other servers. 
Though I do think that enchanted diamond armor would be too OP for that type of game. 
It seems more like an enchanted iron armor(max) game, so that players aren't too OP.


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IGN: joshok
By joshok » 4 days ago
I would love a battle royale UHC!