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IGN: WaffleAndSyrup
By WaffleAndSyrup » 6 months ago
IGN: WaffleAndSyrup
Action: Ban
Where: Server
What did you do: I won a uhc meetup game and apparently I hacked
Why should this action be reversed: Because I didn't hack so please show me some evidence if you have any :D


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IGN: PrincessStrawb
By PrincessStrawb » 5 months ago
Hi there,

Due to receiving multiple reports at an increasing rate over the past month against you, we have been looking into and recording evidence during multiple different games (not just the uhc meetup you were playing at the time). After gathering evidence and discussing it with other members of the senior staff team, we have decided that we have substantial proof of cheats being used. We do not share evidence outside of the staff team for multiple reasons, including to protect the identity of the staff member that has given the punishment and the players that have submitted reports so that they are not treated differently.

Appeal Denied