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IGN: _Benjy
By _Benjy » 5 months ago
Punishment type: Teaming
Punishment ID: [15784]
Where: Server
What WE did:
So me and a few of my friends went in a Flower Power solo. (We were all chill and consensual) We made a base at (0 , 0) and built a huge base (Basically Teaming without harm) So this is the reason we got banned but we weren't causing harm to the server besides maybe keeping a game going. We also didn't get a warning for doing this. 
Why this action should be reversed: We were just trying to have fun and didn't really harm the server or anyone within the server.



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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 5 months ago
Hello. I've checked all the evidence and talked to the people involved about this.

Although I understand your actions weren't done towards having an unfair advantage towards other players, inappropriate buildings are not allowed. This is a PG server, so no inappropriate content is allowed to be written or built to keep young children in a safe/friendly environment and avoid angry parents.

I am sure you all did those actions without thinking much about it, so I am going to accept the appeal. I just want you to not build inappropriate stuff again, and please avoid behaviors that can result in teaming, as that is against the rules.

Ban appeal accepted