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By TMJoe » 5 months ago

Your In-game name: TMJoe
Punishment type (ban, mute, etc): Ban
Punishment ID (shown on your punishment reason, ingame only): 15784 (Here's screenshot just in case)
Where (Server, Discord): Server
What did you do: I was banned for "Teaming"
Why should this action be reversed: It's hard to explain a situation over a message, but I'll try my best.  The following appeal will contain screenshots as evidence and proof, along with facts and logical reasoning.  Me and a number of others joined a Solo Flower Power UHC game (List: TMJoe, _Benjy, ___Ecto___, Channse, Kevinnnn, Mastereloadingg, _DeezCashews, Wolfgangirl, FrexyyDE).  Me (TMJoe), _Benjy, ___Ecto___ and Mastereloadingg are friends and we started to become friends with Channse, FrexyyDE, and Kevinnn, and we joined the game with the intent of chilling with each other.  There were 9 people in that game with a total of 13 in the server at the time.  All 9 of us decided not to kill each other; instead we hung around in the meetup arena and built things and had a good time, we screwed around and had some good laughs.  The act of "teaming" is obviously a bannable offense because teaming against another player is clearly unfair.  We weren't doing that.  We weren't working together to gain an unfair advantage against another player.  Every single person in the game were enjoying each other's company.  We even called our little group the "#ChillGang."  For evidence, I provide these screenshots.  { | |}  Furthermore, our little skirmish was consensual between all 9 players in the game.  Nobody was harmed in the process.  Personally, I don't see that as a bannable offense.  I could understand if this wouldn't be allowed as it could prevent other players from being able to join the game, but there weren't enough people on at the time to start another game anyways, so we continued.  While there are hackers, disrespecters, and legitimate threats to the server, a group of people who were just having a bit of harmless fun were AXED  To have 9 people banned for this, without even so much as a warning, is far too extreme in my opinion.  I'd also like to mention that we were banned when someone joined the game to spectate and that person told a moderator of our situation.  As far as we know, the moderator was not a first-hand viewer, and instead trusted the spectator's word (We could be wrong but our point holds regardless).  A Sr. Moderator told me that Kai was a pretty chill person and would be down to have a one on one conversation, which would help our case.  If you are willing to, my Discord ID is TMJoe ^.^#6076.  If you would also explain to me why this harmless fun is actually harmful (Maybe an unforeseen issue), please let me know.

Best regards,


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 5 months ago
Hello. I've checked all the evidence and talked to the people involved about this.

Although I understand your actions weren't done towards having an unfair advantage towards other players, inappropriate buildings are not allowed. This is a PG server, so no inappropriate content is allowed to be written or built to keep young children in a safe/friendly environment and avoid angry parents.

I am sure you all did those actions without thinking much about it, so I am going to accept the appeal. I just want you to not build inappropriate stuff again, and please avoid behaviors that can result in teaming, as that is against the rules.

Ban appeal accepted