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IGN: _DeezCashews
By _DeezCashews » 5 months ago
Hey PlayUHC staff.
Today, me and 8 other people were banned for 24h for "teaming".
The reason i am making this appeal is because although we were teaming, none of us killed anybody and we were all just building houses etc.
We were the only 9 in the game and none of us caused harm against anyone else.
We felt like this was a really harsh ban, especially since we got no warning or anything before it.
I really feel that our bans should be reversed since we were not teaming against anyone, only to build together as a joke.

(Two other people have made an appeal, named TMJoe and _Benjy, so i appoligise if reading through these feels repetitive.)

If you want a full list of names;
 _DeezCashews, (me)
and FrexyyDE.

If i am completely honest, i feel that the staff should be more careful with bans especially when banning large groups of people at once, e.g if there are people teaming or doing something together in a solo match, warn them and tell them to stop and then ban.

Thank you for reading.


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 5 months ago
Hello. I've checked all the evidence and talked to the people involved about this.

Although I understand your actions weren't done towards having an unfair advantage towards other players, inappropriate buildings are not allowed. This is a PG server, so no inappropriate content is allowed to be written or built to keep young children in a safe/friendly environment and avoid angry parents.

I am sure you all did those actions without thinking much about it, so I am going to accept the appeal. I just want you to not build inappropriate stuff again, and please avoid behaviors that can result in teaming, as that is against the rules.

Ban appeal accepted